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Awapuhi Wild  Ginger Keratriplex  Treatment

KeraTriplex™ is an exclusive blend of isolated keratin proteins specially designed to repair and seal damaged hair. The most effective keratin protein available in hair care today. Engineered to enhance the life of your color, and repair years of damage.
Considered the "spine" of the hair shaft, keratin protein is a vital element in strong, healthy hair.

Daily stress can damage hair from the cuticle to the cortex.  Keratin fibers within the cortex are joined by peptide bonds-when those bonds are broken, hair becomes fragile and weak.
KeraTriplex™ is a blend of three proteins with targeted molecular weights that penetrate into the cortex, rebuild disrupted bonds and reinforce the cuticle.

Hair is healthier-looking and instantly restored. A long-lasting sacrificial shield smoothes the cuticle and protects from further damage.


*Awapuhi Wild  Ginger Keratriplex  Treatment    £20 ( with supporting Wild Ginger Home Care Products, this                                                                                                            treatment can last up to 6 weeks in the hair.) 
*Keratriplex with Chemical Service                 only £15                   


Kebelo Treatment

Hair is left smooth, shiny, frizz-free and easy to manage for 100 days. While other treatments can take up to three days to take full effect,Kebelo ADVANTAGE is completed in one single salon session.


Short Hair £110*

Medium Hair £130*

Long Hair £140*

*All services  include Blowdry.


Olaplex Treatment

Add Olaplex, to you services upgrade, your hair will never have felt this good.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a colour service upgrade that is going to help to make your hair stronger, healthier looking, and your colour last longer.

Olaplex will allow us to process further and lift higher than we ever could before.

*Olaplex  Treatment     £20

*Olaplex with Chemical Service only £15  



We have this purple "magic shampoo" in the salon now, best one we've ever used.This purple shampoo removes brassy yellow tones from your hair  £5.

Take home a Fanola today for £14.75



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