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WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY - opening day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️-recap...

WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY - opening day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️-recap...

- first 2 days will be for skin testing - cut & blowdrys, perms & gents wash and cuts - PLEASE fill out the form on our website

- we will be contacting our clients that previous had appointments booked from 23rd march first, then we will open up our book to everyone

- We have a huge back log of colour clients to get through, so for a month or so we will not be able to accommodate BIG colour appointments, we are asking that you be patient, we will do what we can then book for a follow up appointment

- On Booking (for colours, atm), we are requesting a 50% booking fee.

- If you cancel your booking within 48hrs your booking fee will be transferred to your next appointment. If not it will NOT be redeemable.

- At this time we will not be offering dry cuts, as it is a government requirement to have ALL hair washed

- We will also NOT be offering hair cuts for children, under 16 (pm for further details)



PART 2 - client journey

- please arrive at the salon at your allocated time slot, and await for your stylist to welcome you in

- Please come to your appointment on your own, we are now offering a personalised 1 to 1 service and we cannot allow other people into the salon

- Our special needs clients, please pm me for requirements ❤️❤️

- on arrival we ask that you fill out our health check questionnaire

- temperatures maybe taken, awaiting further details

- A sterile mask will be given to you on arrival

- Your stylist will be wearing a visor (and possibly a mask)

- We will provide a sterile plastic box with lid for you to place your jacket and bag in, please do not bring excessive belongings

-we then invite you to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer

- For our clients with mobility issues we have made other hand washing provisions

- We will try our best for you to have limited contact with other members of the team

- All our styling stations are 2 metres apart, and we have screens seperateing each one, for added protection

- We have put in place a £4 safety charge, when these measures have been lifted, this charge will also

- We will not be offering our usual refreshments, but be have sanitisated water bottles

- We ask you don't bring food with you

- We Have a 15min turn around where we will be cleaning - sanitizeing - and sterilising our working area and all equipment

- All hairdressing tools will be cleaned and sterilised, then placed in a tray and sealed with clingfilm, ready for use

- We will be offering cash and card payments

- All team members have completed the barbiside covid training

- Some service price's have been amended please refer to our website for further details

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