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Evening gorgeous people... So when I get round to doing a blog I like to write about what's relevant in my life/salon life.

Lately I've had a fair few clients in chatting with me about how their feeling about their overall look, and feeling their having a bit of an identity crisis.

- Hey we've all been there haven't we ??

whether it's been the school bully making you feel small and insignificant, having a wondrous precious baby, but left feeling frumpy and out of touch, oh and we can't leave the next part of a woman's life, the sweaty menopause... oh the joys...

So time to share... for me I've never really given a shit... At school I dressed the way I felt, regardless of the elbow nudging and the slight of hand sniggers. This approach carried on in my life, dressing and doing my hair and makeup the way I wanted... dedicated follower of fashion ? .... not me ...

"Oh well good for you Lisa", says YOU.....

UNTIL... I had my first baby, when most of the front and top of my hair fell out. Then later on in life when i had a hysterectomy, (#endowarriors), where yet again a ton of my hair fell out, which left me in a menopausal state and feeling very vulnerable, and not me... Anyone that knows me knows how much I love styling my vintage looks... well lets just say it was a challenge...

So in Doctor Who style, back to the present am I feeling now?

well I`m nearly 48 young

- my hair is mega thin on top, shout out to my hair best friends, (olaplex, keratriplex treatments, hot off the press, thickenup etc)

- I`m overweight - (but defo now on a mostly vegan diet... that's a whole other blog)

- I`m a demon bitch if I don't get enough sleep..(ask Eddie)

But the point i'm trying to get across is that I got my mojo back, and in case you haven't noticed I still dont give a shit of what people think of my style, hair, makeup or life choices.... cos it's MY LIFE.

So come on ladies, have a think back to when you were the most confident, and get a bit of inspo from that forgotten person, which was YOU, yes YOU...

And grab your mojo with two hands and never let it go...

- And always remember #chakirsgang are here to help with all hair, makeup and styling advice.

Much love

Lisa xx

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