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Stylist pricing!!!

Today’s blog is about the following : Something we are often asked.. Why does it cost so much to get my hair done? And something we hear often.. But it will only take 5 minutes? As hairstylists we are often faced with the challenge of explaining why we charge what we do.. and why we can’t just quickly squeeze your appointment in. Pricing : Usually based on the experience of the stylist, the time and skill of the service and how much colour/product is used. Stylists spend years training, and actually always continue to train and learn new things to upgrade and update our skills. Also prices depended on the brand used by the salon. Paul Mitchell which we use in the salon, has a mixture of products from affordable day to day prices and onto luxury products with higher prices. A service such as a balayage costs more as it’s a specialist skill which the stylist has had to take the time out of work to learn about and train to perfect the technique. Therefor costing more. As a salon we put a big focus on consultations to also help find the perfect balance for our clients. A colour or style is all about maintenance and we try our best to cater to our clients needs and give them a look they can both afford and keep on top off. Time : Stylists have specific allocated timing which we usually only alter if we know the clients hair and know it takes less or more time than allocated. Nothing we do takes 5 minutes other than a basic fringe trim.. which can sometimes take a little longer depending on how long it is or how thick the hair is. We try our best to accommodate all of our clients and often do squeeze in more than usual or work later especially at busy times such as summer and Christmas. So unfortunately if we say we are unable to fit you in, we genuinely can’t. We love our jobs and will ALWAYS accommodate when we can. #chakirsgang

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