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Low maintenance hair has become so big right now. We’re often asked what the difference is with just highlights and a balayage and why is it less maintenance?! So..... Basic highlights : Generally placed through out all of the hair straight up to the root, leaving no space. This covers/blends all of the dark root away. Making the overall look lighter/and/or brighter ( depending on the desired colour). Most of the time foils give full coverage and blending of dark roots if done every 4-6 weeks. Adding a toner after foils can also reduce any left over dark roots left out of the weaved foil. The less regrowth the better the result. The only down side to this is when the hair begins to grow the roots appear more obvious and harsh. Therefor resulting in foils having to be done more often. Pros : - Blends dark regrowth from the root - Can use more than one colour - Colour precision Cons : - Needs done more often - Costs may seem cheaper but are more regular The balayage : A French technique created in the 1970s. Which means “ to sweep”. Instead of using foil highlights it is usually done freehand. Giving a soft and blended look, which grows out a lot less obvious or harsh. Generally the natural dark root is left and the blonde is blended down leaving no harsh or heavy lines. A darker root can also be added in, using tints and toners if you wish to remove old highlights or darken the natural root you have. A balayage is normally a one of service and doesn’t need redone for along time. You should only need a toner to refresh the colour or roots touched up if you chose to add a tint. It also gives a more natural look. Pros : - Usually a one of service - Can be refreshed using only a toner/tint - Doesn’t need done as often - Gives a softer more natural look - Grows out better - An investment Cons : - Takes a little longer to be done - Costs more upfront WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE ?! #balayage #foils #paulmitchell #hairstylist #foilsvsbalayage #chakirsgang Colours below by Mandi

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