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Let's face it nowadays colouring isn't that simple, were bombarded with facebook posts/instagram transformations, we want it all and we want it now !!

We all SHOULD know bleaching the hair can be damaging if not performed properly by a professional, but you still want that gorgeous baleage you have saved on Pinterest.

Well this is where Olaplex comes in, it`s the biggest and best investment you`ll make if you colour your hair, truly a gift from the hairdressing gods..

So how does it work says you ?.... Well without putting on my white coat and getting the flip chart out and getting all `Big Bang Theory`, I shall try to explain: The hair is made up of bonds, the disulphide bonds are broken down when colouring the hair, which can lead to damage, so in Marvel like style in steps Olaplex... We then add it to your colour this will then act as a bond multiplier deep within the hair shaft, REBUILDING the bonds back together while your having your colour done, pretty amazing don't you think ??

However even though we hairdressers actively worship this product by know means do we fully rely on it. Olaplex will REBUILD & STRENGTHEN your hair when colouring, but if your hair is to compromised we just wouldn't colour until the strength and condition has improved.

This is where Olaplex has multi purposes,

- IN COLOUR - A measured amount of Olaplex 1 is added directly to your colour before we apply to your hair. once your colour is processed and rinsed off Olaplex 2 is applied to the hair and processed for 10-20mins (but can be left longer), we then rinse, shampoo and condition with your favourite Paul Mitchell products.

INVESTMENTS - we charge " per shot" as we are aware some people will need more or less than others, so its £5 per bowl of colour & ( no 2 at the basin ).

- STAND ALONE - super service - This can be performed when your in for a cut & blowdry, & ideal for when your trying to rebuild damaged locks. At the basin or washhouse area we apply a measured amount of olaplex 1 mixed with water to the hair, after 5 mins we then massage no 2 into your locks, process for 10.......... mins, then shampoo & condition hair.


- MINI OLAPLEX SERVICE - Short of time ?... this is for u, but still gaining all the great benefits of olaplex. We apply Olaplex no 2, process for 5 - 10mins then shampoo & condition as normal.


- INSIDE OUT - This service is a " DOUBLE whammy luxury service... " first your much loved tendrils are treated to a full olaplex service, which concentrates on the inside of the hair, which is then followed by a BLAST of kera/hydroplex paul mitchell luxury treatment which rebuilds and protects the inner and outer part of the hair.


Colour & treatment fans I hope this has helped you out with all your Olaplex Q&A if you would like to book any of the above services let us know, call our fab receptionist Kerry and book.... xxxx

call ; 01506 671800

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